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Tuomey Settles, Post-Judgment, Alleged Violations of FCA and Stark Law

Betsy Sellers

The Department of Justice and Tuomey Healthcare have announced a $72.4 million settlement in a lawsuit that the DOJ touts as “another achievement for the [DOJ and DHS] Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) initiative.” The settlement follows a 2013 trial in which a jury found Tuomey had violated the False Claims Act and Stark Law by filing more than 21,000 false...

New Justice Department Directive Underscores Focus on Individuals—and Importance of Cooperation—in False Claims Act Investigations

Alex Hontos

In a recent memorandum issued to Main Justice litigating components and United States Attorney’s offices nationwide, Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillan Yates emphasized that “fighting corporate fraud and other misconduct” remains a top priority for the Department and the Federal government’s vow to seek “individual accountability for corporate wrongdoing.” The memorandum, which appears to be designed to respond to criticism regarding the Department’s response to...

Court Concludes that Violation of a Corporate Integrity Agreement May Form the Basis for Reverse False Claim Liability

David Couillard

In late July, a federal district court in Pennsylvania denied a motion to dismiss brought by pharmaceutical company Cephalon, Inc., concluding that violations of a corporate integrity agreement (“CIA”) entered into by Cephalon and the federal government could give rise to “reverse false claim” liability.  United States ex rel. Boise v. Cephalon, Inc., No. 2:08-cv-00287-TON (E.D. Pa. July 21, 2015). Conduct prohibited under section 3729(a)(1)(G)...