Category: Obligation

Former Medicaid Auditor for D.C. Government Permitted to Proceed with FCA Retaliation Claim

Annie Trimberger

The Federal District Court for the District of Columbia recently ruled that a former director of Medicaid audits in Washington D.C. can proceed with retaliation claims alleging he was fired for trying to stop his former bosses from covering up $100 million in improper payments to medical providers. Paul Hicks was hired by District of Columbia’s Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) as an auditor in...

District Court Rejects Government’s FCA Claim Seeking Return of Retained Benefits; Decides that Agency Policy Guidance Did Not Create an “Obligation” Under the Act

Nathan Ebnet

In an opinion issued earlier this month, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma refused to impose False Claims Act liability on a defendant who retained and invested his mother’s Social Security benefits after she went missing. The case adds to the growing body of law on the word “obligation” as it is used in the FCA; it also showcases the...