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Jury Verdict in Declined Civil FCA Action Need Not Bar Criminal Prosecution for Same Conduct

Betsy Sellers

The qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act allow private citizens to file FCA claims on behalf of the government.  The government may elect to intervene in the action—or it may not.  The United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia held earlier this month that when the government does not intervene, it is a party in interest, but not a party to...

Omnicare Inc. Settles Kickback Allegations for $28 Million

Nicole Burgmeier

The United States Justice Department (DOJ) announced this week that Omnicare, Inc. (Omnicare), the largest nursing home pharmacy in the United States, will pay approximately $28 million dollars to resolve charges that it received kickbacks from Abbott Laboratories (Abbott) to promote Abbott’s anti-epileptic drug, Depakote, to nursing home patients. According to the press release, Omnicare, whose consultant pharmacists review nursing home resident’s medical charts and...